With your help we can help build a stronger democracy for all.

Our core values – engagement, listening to all, and giving people the tools to solve common challenges – transcend all we do.  We are committed to putting people with different backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives together in a setting where all can hear each other, learn together, and push each other, and in turn our elected leaders, to work together to solve the difficult issues facing our democracy.

We can accept donations via PayPal or by check to the address below.

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Heartland Democracy
P.O. Box 19458
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Heartland Democracy is a civic engagement, educational, and research group operating in the public interest.  We focus on boosting informed participation in democracy, and we make the case for a practical and progressive approach to self-governance.  From the start, we have built Heartland Democracy as an organization bridging scholarship and everyday people.  We are a non-partisan public charity under the IRS’s 501c3 classification.

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