Board of Directors

Heartland Democracy is indebted to its board members for their leadership and service. Board members receive no compensation for their roles.

2019 Board of Directors

Sara M. Evans, Chair, is an award-winning historian, professor emerita, and long-time civil rights activist.

Semhar Araia, Secretary, is Managing Director for Diaspora & Multicultural Partnerships at UNICEF USA and the founder and director of the Diaspora African Women’s Network (DAWN).

Mariam Mohamed is a former program officer at the McKnight Foundation and a nonprofit and community leader in Minnesota.

Todd Otis, Vice Chair, is the former Director of Community Partnerships at think small and a former legislator.

Thomas Vellenga, Secretary, is the founder of Heartland Democracy and the Assistant County Administrator of Carver County, Minnesota.

Bob Weidman, Treasurer, is a professional fundraising consultant.

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