Heartland Team

Mary McKinley – Executive Director
Mary has been involved with the organization since it began – first as a member of the advisory board and then as a consultant, working on development, outreach, organizational strategy, and management. She has a background in nonprofit management and philanthropy, and is committed to Heartland’s mission of teaching and mentoring young people who have a desire to engage in their communities and the greater world.

Ahmed Amin – Coach
Ahmed is Heartland’s lead curriculum and overall youth programming. After several years as a public school teacher, he is now the Assistant Principal at Sanford Middle School.

Kathy Anlauf  – Coach
Kathy is a coach, educator, and program designer. She leads the student group at Justice Page Middle School.

Brenna Campbell – Consultant
Brenna is a strategist, organizer, motivator who works on Heartland programs, outreach, and development.

Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl – Coach
Elissa is a teacher, artist, and educator, who works with the student group at Justice Page Middle School.

Jacques Elate Joss – Coach
Jacque is an educator, ELL instructor, and artist who works with the student group at Sanford Middle School.

Chris Fisher – Coach
Chris is a teacher, artist, and theatre director, working with the student group at Justice Page Middle School.

Susan Gonyea – Coach
Sue is a teacher and educator, currently leading two student groups at Dowling Elementary School.

Sita Koirala – Program Manager
Sita is an interpreter & administrator. She works with Parents Connect, Bhutanese women’s program.

Kristen Milner – Consultant
Kristen works to make Heartland’s website thoughtful, thorough, and accurate. She also supports our communications and development work. She is a data expert and also principal at Lumity LLC.

Mangala Sharma – Facilitator
Mangala is co-facilitator on our Parents Connect program, working with Bhutanese, Somali, and Latina women in our community. She also works at CommonBond and is an award-winning organizer and activist for refugee communities.

Betsy Sitkoff – Program/Curriculum Lead
Betsy heads up our Parents Connect program. Betsy is a trained therapist and facilitator and the founder of Process for Peace, a firm that seeks to find peaceful and facilitated solutions to difficult problems.

Fatoumata Tembely – Program Manager
Fatoumata is a business student, chef, and community organizer. She manages all our student/youth programs.

Richard Thompson – Coach
Richard is an artist, educator, and theatre director, working with the student group at Justice Page Middle School.

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