Who We Are

Heartland Staff   //   Board of Directors

Heartland Democracy is a civic engagement and educational group. We convene people and build relationships to support self-awareness, self-motivation, and empowerment. Our unique process creates a platform from which people launch more sustained and better informed engagement in communities.

Communities are only as strong as the people and families who live in them. Our programs provide opportunities for thoughtful and culturally appropriate exploration of values, systems, and challenges. As we get better at articulating our values, we develop a stronger sense of connection and agency so that we can thrive as individuals and communities.

We have common goals, bout our outcomes are often unpredictable. Our work happens early in the process of supporting people’s engagement, upstream in the process of people connecting better with their communities. Our impact is, and will be, woven into the future work of many others.

OUR GOAL. The goal of Heartland Democracy is sustained community engagement. We encourage this using discussions, readings, activities, art, and stories to explore ways in which we can all participate in creating strong families, resilient communities, and common goals.

After partnering with us, our participants feel more connected — to each other, to us, to their own sense of self.  

OUR PARTNERS. We work with organizations and institutions that already bring participants through their doors. We partner fully and transparently with individuals and leadership at each site, with iterative processes that we hope support the longevity of our work. Participants come away with a commitment to exploration, curiosity, involvement, and community engagement. In this way we encourage active participation in community, often among people who felt disconnected and uninvited.

Heartland Democracy is a non-partisan public charity under the IRS’s 501(c)3 classification.


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