Parent Connect

The Parent Connect program supports immigrant and refugee communities by helping strengthen connections among women and between women and their communities. Our participants are interested in engaging more fully in their communities. We recognize that they have voices and we seek to amplify them; participants have agency .

Our work begins by giving women the space to understand themselves, their impact, and strength. We find that while many women sustain and nurture their family, their contribution often goes unrecognized, even by themselves. As members of our groups begin to appreciate their innate abilities, they develop the confidence to thrive and become leaders in their new homeland.

We are currently working in these communities:

  • Bhutanese Community of Minnesota (Twin Cities)
  • Somali Community Resettlement Services (Faribault)
  • Justice Page Middle School
  • Women’s Alliance MN – Alianza des Mujeres MN


Several times a year we offer facilitator training.

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