Heartland Democracy in the News

We’ve had some great media coverage of our efforts and our methodology:

On Sunday, April 29, Heartland Democracy was featured on the front page of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, in an article about our work and our coach, high school teacher Ahmed Amin.  See the article here.
This past week, Miriam Jordan, in her article in the Wall Street Journal, wrote:

Like other Somali Americans lured by extremists, “what is puzzling is that they seem to understand how the [U.S.] system works and what they need to do to get ahead,” said Mr. Amin, “but there is a stronger force that pulls” them toward extremism.

As he sees it, Mr. Yusuf and his peers have to figure out how to be a “hybrid”: a person who can feel American while still identifying with both cultures.

We are using our Empowering U curriculum to help young people do just that: navigate the difficult terrain of young adulthood while interpreting the multitude of messages and priorities competing for their attention, trying to determine, at this crucial stage in development, just who they are and what they believe.

We all know, whether we remember this stage from our own lives, or whether we are raising teens ourselves, how treacherous this time can be for any young person.

Now, Heartland has an opportunity to expand our work with teens and young adults to a community working through some of the most complex issues of our day:  culture, religion, race, gender, economic hardship, and confounding generation gaps.

Please help us bring our programs to more young people in Minnesota.  Visit our Donate page to support our work!  We need your help!

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