Empowering U Part of Groundbreaking Experiment

Heartland Democracy has been asked to participate in a groundbreaking experiment in the Twin Cities.

Empowering U will be the key program for a young Somali-American man as he is released from custody pending his trial.  Judge Michael Davis has agreed to release a young Somali-American man, Abdullahi Yusuf, into a halfway house after being arrested in December.  Read the story here.

This decision by Judge Davis, one of the first of its kind in the United States — allowing a pre-trial release of someone accused of serious federal terrorism-related charges — has received much local and national coverage:

MPR story on Mr. Yusuf’s release into halfway house

National Public Radio coverage of Empowering U

We are looking forward to this work, as it combines many of the most important aspects of our work, namely working within an often disengaged or disconnected community of youth; deep examination of values and challenges by young people themselves; and work toward creating a sense of identity within community, and a commitment to positive connections and engagement within that community.

As we work to expand our program beyond this opportunity, we are seeking the support we will need to bring Empowering U to Somali-American teens and young adults across the Twin Cities.  Please contact us if this program is of interest to you.

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